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Join IAFSA Online!

Our new website has many community features for registered alumni. Members have access to message groups, private messaging, profiles, and more. Sign up now to join!

Keeping community at the core.

The new IAFSA website is powered by our Alumni Community. Like on Reddit or Facebook Groups, members can create their own groups, assign moderator permissions, review group content, and participate in discussions. Members have the ability and all necessary access to actively promote positive interactions and report hurtful or inappropriate content directly to the group moderator or site admin.

Promoting privacy and user control.

Based on WordPress, this website was designed from the beginning to give users total control over their data. Each member has the ability to change notification preferences, limit what other members can view and access on their profile, as well as control public visibility settings from their Account Settings page.

Additionally, every member has the ability to request a copy of all the data they’ve added to the site, as well as a one-click account deletion tool. We have no need for your personal data; Once accounts have been deleted by the user, all uploaded content is removed from the system.

For more information, we invite you to review our website’s Privacy Policy.

Built by alumni, for alumni.

In addition to the countless hours spent by volunteers and board members, this website was built and is supported by FSU alumni.

Do you have a concern or suggestion regarding the design, infrastructure, or functionality of the site? We welcome any and all comments – please get in touch.