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Amelia Davis Fund

The Amelia Davis Fund was established in 1910 to honor Amelia Davis by the Class of 1892. Amelia Davis was a graduate of Framingham Normal School in 1864 where she stayed and taught for 46 years. She was a very compassionate woman with a feeling for teachers who retired after many years of service with meager recompense. She helped several of these women with many kind deeds and small amounts of financial aid from her tiny salary and with her huge heart.

The spirit of Amelia Davis lives on today through this fund for incapacitated alumni that provides small amounts of financial aid to members of IAFSA in crisis. Committee members coordinate greetings on a regular basis to those in nursing homes or in need of cheer. Holiday greetings are also sent to older graduates. Please let us know if you are aware of a graduate who is in need of our help or care as we continue to provide assistance in honor of Amelia.

If an alumni needs help, then individuals, able to do so, should help. I believe the donation to the Amelia Davis Fund will be used to provide the most good. Knowing someone cares goes a long way.

Patricia Curry ’67

Annual Holiday Greeting Cards

The Amelia Davis Committee does alumni outreach by coordinating penpals and helping make alumni connections. Every year, they mail out over 2000 holiday greeting cards to the older alumni, from class members celebrating their 50th reunion and back.