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Scholarship-Related FAQs

We want you to have the best chance of receiving a scholarship.  To accomplish your goal, you must ensure your application and related materials are filled out completely, accurately, and legibly.

General FAQs                                              

My application and personal letter are complete. I’m waiting for a letter of recommendation or my final Student Aid Report.   Can I submit it?  Yes, submit your completed application and personal letter with a note indicating what is pending. I am studying abroad next year.  Do I still qualify?  Yes.

I transferred this semester and don’t have a QPA yet.  Does my QPA from my previous school count?  Yes, submit your most recent grade report.

I transferred to FSU.  Do my credits from previous schools count?  Yes, if FSU accepts the credits.

Will my scholarship be paid directly to me?  No.  Scholarship aid is applied to any charges you have at FSU.  

How can I submit my application if your office is closed? Insert it in the Alumni House Office door mail slot or mail it to the address on the front of this application-online is best or email to

Can I still apply if I don’t see a scholarship for my major?  Yes. We encourage that.  There are several general scholarships.

I received an IAFSA scholarship award last year.  May I apply again?  Yes.

Application Form FAQs                                              

Do I need to list the scholarships and grants I have received just for this year or each year that I have been a student?  List ALL, including any previously received from IAFSA. 

What is the deadline?  The completed application packet needs to be RECEIVED at the Alumni House by March 15, 2022.   Be sure to submit your application on time.

Personal Letter of Qualification FAQs                 

What form should my personal letter take?  A standard letter format:  date, salutation, body and signature. Be sure to list any and all sports and campus activities.  If you don’t mention what you are involved in, the scholarship committee members won’t know that you are the high scorer on the soccer or basketball team, or helped raise money for a cause.  Note all of your income, including babysitting, pick-up work or work/study.  Differentiate paid on-campus jobs vs. volunteer jobs.

TIP:  Spend time on this letter.  This is what tells the story of you and why you need assistance.

Letter of Recommendation FAQs                            

What is an FSU administrator?   Someone in a position of supervisory authority, such as a Vice President, Director of Career Services, but not a coach. You could include a second letter from a coach.

I’m applying for three scholarships.  Do I need three recommendations?  No.  This is a universal application, so one recommendation is adequate, except the McCarthy Scholarship which requires two recommendations.

Can my professor email my recommendation to you?  Yes, as long as he/she uses an official FSU email address.  They can email directly to

FAFSA FAQs                                                                    

Framingham State University has my FAFSA information. Do I have to print another copy for this application?  

Yes.  IAFSA is independent of the University and does not have access to your FSU records.  Go to Financial Aid and ask them to print a copy to turn in with your application or print it yourself at

Can I instead turn in my most recent tax return information?  Yes.