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The scholarship was established in 2013 with a donation from an anonymous donor to contribute to the cost of attending the course: Communication Arts Department Internship Program at the Cannes International Film Festival & Market.
This scholarship makes it possible for qualified Communication Arts major students to participate in the Cannes International Film Festival program by taking the associated one credit course
It is the intention that this scholarship will be awarded in alternate years

Submission Deadlines

March 15

Minimum Award


Award amount depends on donations received, and any interest accrued from invested funds.


Not specified
Not specified
Not specified
Not specified
Additional Criteria
  • No QPA requirement


Requires completion of course pre-requisite.
Applicants must:
Have completed the online American Pavilion application for the program, been interviewed, and accepted.
Have completed all the requisite paperwork required by the Study Abroad Program of Framingham State University before any funds are awarded.
Have completed and submitted all material required by the Communication Arts Department.
Complete and submit the application checklist provided by the Independent Association of Framingham State Alumni, including the endorsement of the course instructor.

Apply Online

Download and Email

Please download the PDF and email the completed form to:

Download and Fax

Please download the PDF and fax the completed form to:


Download and Mail

Please download the PDF and mail the completed form to:

Alumni House
42 Adams Road
Framingham, MA 01702